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We are a team of highly qualified data analytics experts who create real value for our customers. Our past successful applications include credit risk evaluation and fraud prevention which have saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

Senior Leadership

Larry Bookman's Linked In Profile Larry Bookman, PhDhas over 20 years of experience in applying data science methods to solve business problems in the digital marketing, financial, insurance, leasing, music and telecommunications industries. Larry has delivered analytic solutions to dozens of companies, including credit risk evaluations, ad keyword buying, customer segmentations, customer profitability analyses, customer attrition, sales forecasting, customer loyalty analyses, and product cross-sell modeling.Larry's credit risk solutions have enabled several of the largest banks and telecommunications companies to save over $200 million from making bad loans and incurring bad debt. Larry's background includes the founding of three companies and is a consultant, advisor and board member to several companies. Larry holds a PhD in Computer Science from Brandeis University. He holds three patents (data transactional semantics,Oct 2004June 2008July 2010) and has one pending patent (System for Profiling and Triaging Workers’ Compensation Claims) and has published two books in Artificial Intelligence (review of book,abstract of 2nd book) and over thirty conference papers..

Dr. Zhou's Linked In Profile Jiang (Jay) Zhou, PhD, has over a decade of experience using predictive analytics and data mining to manage credit risk and detect fraud in financial and telecommunication industries. His solutions have saved clients hundreds of millions dollars. Dr. Zhou has made presentations on fraud prevention and data analytics at American Bankers Association(ABA) conferences, Predictive Analytics World, Babson College and other events. Dr. Zhou has many innovations in data mining technologies. He has co-authored an award-winning paper, "Using genetic learning artificial neural networks for spatial decision making in GIS" (Nov., 1996, PE & RS) and "A wavelet transform method to merge Landsat TM and SPOT panchromatic data" (1998, IJRS) that has been one of the most cited in the field. He has an MS from Peking University, and a PhD from University of Connecticut.

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